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If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident, You May Be Entitled To Make a Personal Injury* Claim with a personal injury solicitor in Limerick With Our Help, You Can Get A Positive Out come

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Personal Injury Solicitors Limerick
All solicitors in Ireland are regulated by the Law society of Ireland and although in other parts of the world law firms are allowed to charge a percentage or proportion of any claim for compensation this is not allowed in Ireland. Indeed all our documentation and website will have the following disclaimer “In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement”.
These are the following areas of the law that we deal with in our Limerick office;
• Types of Personal injury
• Road traffic accidents
• Medical negligence
• Fatal injuries
• Public liability claims
• Work place accidents
• Road traffic

These are the areas of the law that we do NOT deal with, you would be better of seeing Murphy solicitors or any other solicitor;
• Commercial law
• Dispute resolution
• Product Liability
• Property law
• Corporate social responsibility


All personal injuries litigation, except for a medical negligence claim, starts with the Injuries board in Ireland. The injuries board was set up some time ago to oversee all who suffers an injury in an accident caused by a third party in their claim for compensation. The idea about the setting up of the injuries board, formerly the PIAB, was to control the cost of making negligence claims and to control the amounts of the claim. The theory behind the injuries board is good but in practice there are flaws. The award from the injuries board is not binding on either of the people involved in the process. The insurance company representing the person or persons who caused the accident may consider the recommendation by the injuries board as too much and the injured party may consider it too little! Often you have to wait for a number of months for the recommendation by the injuries board. What the injured party needs is accident solicitors limerick with a Limerick office for their easy access from the street limerick Ireland.

Clearly, solicitors Limerick can be extremely beneficial to most types of personal injury like;


• Road traffic accidents public liability
• Public liability claims medical negligence
• Slips and falls
• Work injuries and accidents
• Trips
• Holiday accidents

As you have to wait some time before the injuries board’s recommendation becomes available then without a solicitor limerick on board from the start the witnesses and the evidence necessary to take a personal injury claim maybe difficult to come by as memories and witnesses make not be as readily available. More the reason why solicitors limerick should be taken on as soon as possible so that they can collect the following;

• Medical reports
• Witnesses statements
• Garda statements, if any
• Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the people involved in the accident
• Insurance details

Your accident solicitors and their co solicitors will know what to do and what is necessary for a successful personal injury claim. Another weakness in the injuries board process of personal injury claims is that any error, no matter how small made in the completion of a personal injury claim form to be submitted will lead to a rejection many months down the line. With Statute of limitation being two years in Ireland this can have a dramatic negative effect on your personal injury claim!
The Law society of Ireland who as already mentioned regulates solicitors and injury law in Ireland prohibits the advertising of a product which is called No Win No Fee which can help people of moderate and poor means to be able to afford to hire solicitors limerick in order to take a personal injury claim for compensation against a third party for injury in an accident which was nor their fault.
Although solicitors limerick may not advertise No Win No Fee there is nothing at all to stop them offering the product to a client. What exactly is a No Win No Fee agreement (sometimes known as No Win No Foal or a contingency agreement)? Simply stated your solicitors Limerick can offer you to pay no fees to them at all unless you win your case your compensation claims. If you lose then you will pay nothing to them. This No Win No Fee agreement can then put justice and redress into the hands of everybody. Yes you will have to have a winnable case, no personal injury lawyer will take on a case that is weak and not earn fees! But, be careful that if you lose then you do not become liable for the other side’s fees and expenses!

Just why do you need to deal with a Personal Injury solicitor? The reasons are varied and the right choice of solicitor will do a good job for you!

The initial hours after sustaining an injury are crucial, not only for your health, but also for securing the legal representation you need. The sooner you contact a Personal Injury solicitor after an injury, the sooner you can rest assured that you will get the legal support you need to fully recover your health and resources.

Evidence of the causes of your injuries must be gathered immediately to build a strong groundwork for your case and help you get the medical care, benefits, and financial settlement you are entitled to. To quickly and professionally gather and document complex evidence like skid marks, faulty lighting, unsafe construction and other factors, you need an on the spot solicitor with expertise.

Many people lose thousands of Euros because they are unsure how much compensation they can expect from a Personal Injury claim. An experienced and successful solicitor who understands the subtleties of your case, like the value of your pain and suffering, is invaluable. They can also handle issues that arise if compensation needs change over the course of your medical treatment.

Gaps in legal knowledge can give an insurance company the ammunition it needs to win a case on a technicality. Working with a Personal Injury solicitor who understands how to mediate and litigate your injury claim will ensure that you do not lose out on thousands of Euros simply because you did not follow a minor legal procedure.

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During this consultation the Personal Injury solicitor can assess your situation, listen to any concerns that you may have, and provide you with appropriate advice. If you decide to retain the right solicitor, they can provide the necessary documentation to activate your claim. They can insulate you from the claims process and make sure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled so that you can concentrate on your recovery. So do not delay and contact us now.

Disclaimer* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement
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