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If you are hurt in a car accident, you may and will more than likely have lots of questions for your personal injury solicitor. But most questions will be aimed at the same area and will revolve around how much compensation will I get out of my claim? This pertinent question is the most pressing issue that clients have. Very often it is the motivator that gets the injured person to start a claim..

A car accident claims calculator is a rough and ready way of calculating the settlement value of a car accident claim, but it is not a straightforward process, however it is possible to arrive at an approximate estimate of compensation.
The claims calculator gives you an estimate of how much your personal injury claim might be worth to you. The actual amount of compensation for your road traffic accident claim will depend on how much fault or negligence the insurance company gives you for your accident.

The compensation arrived at is the amount of money you can potentially get. If the insurance company decides that the other driver was completely at fault for your motor accident, you would get the full amount of the range of compensation from the car accident claims calculator.

Car Accident And Road Claims In Ireland
For example, if after looking at all the evidence the insurance company decides you were 40% at fault and the other driver 60% at fault, your personal injury claims range would shrink by 40%.
You should definitely keep in mind that there is no overriding, foolproof formula that can tell you what your car accident case is worth to you.

The claims calculator can define pain and suffering and give some general guidelines for how it gets calculated by car insurance companies.
Be aware though, there is no average personal injury settlement calculator! Our technology has not come that far today!

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