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We and our team of nationally based Personal Injury Solicitors are dedicated to helping personal injury victims all over Ireland and especially in Dublin.

Serious personal injuries such as bone fractures, spinal injuries and head injuries can greatly affect your life and you will need the very best Personal injury solicitor Dublin to get the compensation that you deserve.

Our personal injury solicitors only represent victims of negligence and a lack of duty of care, and we practice exclusively personal injury and medical negligence in an area from Drogheda in the north and Wicklow town in the South and Newbridge and Kilcock in the West and in other words the greater Dublin area.

Our simply Strategy, which has served us very well for some time now is to thoroughly prepare each case as if it were to go for trial from the beginning. Although most cases do settle through the injuries board etc before trial, cases that are thoroughly prepared for trial from the start have the strongest negotiating leverage and result in the best settlements.

Choosing the right Personal Injury solicitor in Dublin can make the significant difference between winning and losing your case or just as importantly on how much you get in compensation. Unlike large firms where you rarely speak with the top partners, we will assign a team to your personal injury claim and a partner will be your contact and not a Para legal at a lower level.

We deal with a number of different areas in personal injury claims. Firstly, there are road traffic accidents which relate to personal injury suffered by the negligence of someone in control of a car, a lorry, a motor bicycle, a bicycle and sometimes a pedestrian. Secondly there are slips and falls in a public or private place where the wet surface or bad carpet or lino has caused a slip or a fall. Thirdly there are work related injuries or accidents were you have suffered an injury through no fault of you own. Injuries from Road Traffic accidents, slips and falls and work injuries or accidents can vary from soft tissue damage, such as whiplash to broken bones, sprains and muscle tears to cuts and failed organs and head injuries. Medical negligence occurs when the duty of care to a patient is not respected and the resulting negligence causes a patient to suffer trauma and pain above and beyond the normal.

We take fighting for victims of Personal Injury very seriously. We are passionate about our service to you and we enjoy helping you get back on your feet both physically and financially. When you call for a no obligation consultation you will speak with a Personal injury solicitor who is a partner every time. The Partner who will be handling your case always handles the initial no obligation consultation in the office. We want to meet you and we want you to know who your Personal injury solicitor in Dublin is.

These are the very important steps to a successful claim.

A Consultation With A Personal Injury* Solicitor That Can Help You

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Ideally, an accident victim should seek legal advice before the initial meeting with a personal injury solicitor even before reporting the accident to the insurance company. Most of the profession will provide you with an initial consultation.

During this consultation the personal injury solicitor can assess your situation, listen to any concerns that you may have, and provide you with appropriate advice. If you decide to retain a personal injury solicitor, he can provide the necessary documentation to activate your claim. He can insulate you from the claims process and make sure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled so that you can concentrate on your recovery. So do not delay and contact us now.

Disclaimer* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement
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