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An insurance company, whether it is health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, property insurance, or commercial insurance, is first and foremost a business. Like all businesses, an insurance company’s primary objective is to make as large a profit as possible and not to compensate the people who have car insurance claims and who pay what amounts to a lot of money in monthly premiums each month. In other words what comes in must exceed what goes out and the greater the difference the more that the shareholders like it!
Basically there are two types of car insurance claims. Firstly and the less complicated claim is that when you apply to have your car repaired after a road traffic accident. Secondly there is the claim that is made when the driver and or the occupants of the car are injured in a road traffic accident. Sometimes for obvious reasons the two types of claims are often linked together.
Both types of claims spend a lot of time and money trying to prove negligence on behalf of the driver who caused the accident. If negligence is proved then that drivers Insurance company will pick up the tab for the car repairs and for satisfying any car accident injury claim in Ireland. That sounds simple enough but the fact is that it is not! As the defending insurance company will do everything in its power to wriggle out of or lower the amount of compensation to be paid out.
How do they do that? Well they will minutely examine the details of the accident to see whether a proportion of the blame can be attributed elsewhere. In some countries they have a “knock” “knock” which means that the costs are split between the cars,
One secondary result is that the negligent drivers car insurance premiums are in normally put up by the loss of their no claims bonus.

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