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We are taught as children to say thank you to people. It is meant to start an attitude of gratitude in our young. But that attitude gets either quickly forgotten when we become adults or gets put back down the pecking order of things that need doing. This is true when we examine the case of car accident claims referral fees.
An important part of how a law firm separates itself from its competition is how they say thank you to their referral Personal injury solicitors.

Referrals are business sent on from other law firms who do not specialise in that area of the law. A referral is not limited to having come from another law firm. Many referrals come from the medical profession and from individuals. In many cases the Law firm will actively seek referrals and will pay a referral fee to the provider of the successful referral.

The system of referrals is very common in North America (USA and Canada) and is very sophisticated in its operation in most of the major cities. In some cases a referral will be given to many legal firms at the same time! Some legal firms look after their referral base very well.

Some legal firms will cherry pick the cases that they want, generally either the high earners or the high profile referrals and then send on those they do not want to other, often smaller legal firms and charge them a referral fee!
For many firms, the practice of making and accepting referrals, coupled along with the payment of referral fees is often their bread and butter. For others, it may be just one of several of their revenue sources.


Fees relating to car accident claims

But in saying “thank you” to a supplier properly is not only just good manners, but if done the right way, it is a critical part of a law firm’s communication, public relations, and even marketing program.

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