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Car accidents are very frightening events and a big disruption to your life. More people are hurt in motor vehicle accidents than in any other type of accident. Someone may have been severely injured, or you could have lost the use of your car through damage or a write off.

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering how to best proceed with sorting out the damage to your motor car or your personal injury claim against the other driver, so you can put the accident behind you and get on with your life.
The sooner you speak with a legal professional, the more likely you are to protect your rights and your assets. So as soon as you are physically able you should contact an experienced and successful Personal Injury Solicitor with the view to them taking on your claim.

To make a personal injury claim for any losses suffered in a car accident, you must show three things. Firstly you must prove that another person acted negligently in causing the car accident. Secondly, that negligence caused the car accident and thirdly that you suffered losses because of the accident by being harmed negatively.

Once that you have been down that route you have an important decision to make. The decision is to whether to hire a Personal injury solicitor or not. All car accident claims must be lodged with the injuries board and you do not need a solicitor to do the filling. However and it is a big however in so far if you make a mistake with the paper work in filling the injuries board will not point that out to you. Can you take that kind of risk? Or do you hire an experienced solicitor to do the work for you. Is it a no brainer, I think so.

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